Iriana's Experience

For the past 45 years I have been experiencing and sharing with other Seekers
along the Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness and the releasing of
our EGO centered natures.
My work changes and expands as I gain clarity and understanding on my inner journey. As I connect more deeply with Spirit, I am often able to move out of the way to allow expanded Channeled Information to speak through me. These messages are uplifting, truthful and energetically transformative.
I have studied the Mystery Schools of the East and the West, Tarot, Numerology, Universal Numbers, Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Dream Interpretation, Channeling, The Course in Miracles and The Infinite Way as shared by Joel S. Goldsmith. Having the good fortune to have lived in AZ for 20 years, I was exposed to a variety of classes
in Energy Healing and have advanced experience with Reiki, Touch for Health, Sound & Color healing along with a number of other studies.
Since I can remember I have been highly intuitive, and have been given the gift
of seeing the "bigger picture" quickly and spontaneously. I use the tools I have accrued over the years to enhance each individual's Spiritual understanding and perception. The sound and vibration of my voice has a restorative and healing effect on the body and soul. It is my great pleasure to be of service. I look forward to speaking with you.

My Journey
Whenever I look at my life's journey, I often
think, "what is nice Jewish girl doing in a place like this?" I
started my life as just that. I was born into a lower middle class
Jewish family in Brooklyn, N.Y. The first 12 years were spent in a
section of Brooklyn that was a world unto itself. It was a melting
pot of different ethnic backgrounds. I thank God for those early
years and the taste and smells of multi-cultural traditions and
celebrations. It was a very colorful and satisfying beginning on that
level of human life. I was able to trust and not judge anyone by his
or her nationality or religion. It was truly an invaluable and
blessed beginning.

On a more personal familial note, my younger years were complicated,
dysfunctional and incorporated subliminal conflicting messages. I
grew up confused, wounded and looked for love in all the wrong
places. That led to an early marriage, young motherhood and about 15
years later a divorce I was not at all prepared for.
During that time period Spirit was whispering in my ear and urging
me to relocate. I had started my Spiritual Journey because of the
strain of my relationships, and the relocation accelerated it. Before
moving to the other side of the country I had my first experience
with a Clairvoyant. He told me that I was a Healer. Since I was into
my own personal drama this really didn't have any affect on my life.
After my daughters and I relocated to our new home, I discovered an
ad in the local Newspaper for someone who was offering "Spiritual
Channeling". I went to see her and she told me that I could do the
same work. Apparently that did resonate. I was ready. That led to my
beginning stages of doing Channeling, Readings , Counseling, Healing,
Doing that work I was constantly being shown "Mirrors" of my own
lack of connection and lack of trust and faith in God. My personal
life was a mess. It was painful and I knew I had to focus on my own
growth. I had several experiences along the way. One was when I had a
visitation from a "Being" who told me to hold up my hands for about a
half an hour. He said I was a being given Healing Energy to use and
share with others. Another experience was when I went to a powerful
Channel in AZ. He was talking and all of a sudden I was on the
ceiling looking down at everything. It was wonderful. I felt the
Oneness and Connectedness to ALL THAT IS……………..Everyone in the room
and outside of it was a part of ME. The Channel was able to see this
and told me that I could stay in that state permanently if I chose

Obviously I didn't choose to and came back down to Earth with a
bang. I didn't forget about it, just really didn't know what to do
with it.
The next 15 years were full of growth and seeking someway to find
Inner Peace and to feel the Oneness on a daily basis. I was led to
study "The Infinite Way" as taught by Joel S. Goldsmith. Having a
background in "The Course In Miracles" it was easy for me to relate
to this body of work. It has become the basis and foundation for my
everyday life and understanding of how GOD IS ALL and how our Ego
centered natures fight that with every ounce of breath they have. It
is through the daily death of the Ego that I find Peace and have
learned to "Let Go, and Let God." Amen... To say I am grateful is a
profound understatement. Each day I Thank God for leading me to this
There are many wonderful teachers currently bringing this
message home to us. I Thank God for each and every one of them and
for each and every one of you, WE ARE ALL ONE!!!! And So It Is……………

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