Escaping From Stillness July 15 2016
Escaping From Stillness

Saw this quote on a dear friend's post. 'All that is required to realize the Self is to be still. What can be easier than that?' Ramana Maharshi ~ Had to chuckle....I had been getting the message to be still and was beginning to realize that all the talking I have done was an escape. It began in my adolescent years and it was a survival tool. No problem with that. It is a habit and one that crops up when something is triggered and fear rears its head in the present.

What is interesting is as I was moving along this path and really enjoying being still, apparently I had to create something to shake me to my core. And I did. Still dealing with that.

Do know that it is not who I am, and that I have no idea what it is for. That is my focus now. The feelings and emotions that it triggered are not fully clear yet. What I am grateful for is that no matter what, I can observe it all and still maintain the perception that none of it is me. It is all the dreamer self that thought she was the truth of my being. That really helps. Was not able to do that in the past and it is a great relief to see that there has been growth.

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No Matter What Is Happening June 23 2016
No Matter What Is Happening No matter our background, spiritual or religious beliefs, the fundamental truth of all great teachings, is that God created us in his image as Love.

Yes, there is much more that can be said about what has been shared over eons of time, but God's Love is a constant.  Man interprets everything through his own understanding and perception. Then we as humans, continue to focus on the fear based teachings because we have been programmed to do so.

Now many are remembering and paying attention to the teachings and teachers who share LOVE as the form that God created Man in. Can you imagine that?

Being on this planet in this form at this time is a gift. It is the opportunity we signed up for NOW!

If that does not resonate within your being, I would suggest that you study any body of work that you grew up with or learned from as an adult. If you read it with your heart open you will feel God's Love for you pouring from the words. Then you too will feel the healing and want to share it with everyone. It is what is happening and we are all here to support one another.

I love you.


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Spirit Reveals The Truth June 18 2016
Spirit Reveals The Truth  

Love how when we really get out of the way and hand it over, Spirit reveals the truth behind the stories, and then guides us to our next steps. It is seamless and for me I know it is clear when I feel uplifted and free. So grateful to experience that today. Did not realize that there was an old pattern of suppressing grief that had surfaced but not yet come into the light.

I have been focusing on several sources, Mooji being one of them.
via Rick Fortenberry -
Develop the habit of thinking of yourself as consciousness, not as the body or person.
- Mooji

Thank you Barbara Carter for your consistent posts (one just showed up as I was posting this) and sharing on that very subject. As I have been practicing this, was led to a possibility of something that has been a long time dream. Am going to take steps towards it and see where Spirit leads me. That has released the story that was behind the pattern and all is in the light and I am once again free to move on. Thank you God.
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Wisdom From The Heart January 6 2014
Wisdom From The Heart

Trust in the wisdom that comes through your heart. You have a direct link to all of the information, knowledge, and wisdom of the universe. It is like cloud computing, where you simply have to tap into all the information available on the internet to gain access to anything you need. However, it is millions of times more vast and dependable than the internet. The sad thing is that so few people ever connect with this incredible source. We are too busy trying to figure things out with our limited minds.

Instead, why not practice quieting the mind and focusing on the heart. Feel your connection with the pure source energy of the universe. Plug into the wisdom of the cosmos. As you feel it coming through the key is to trust in the ideas and inspiration that come through. Trust it enough to act upon it without worrying about all the details of how something might manifest. Move forward with action taken in faith and be prepared for incredible miracles to unfold in your life.

--Ted Murray

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Happy New Year - 2014! December 31 2013
Happy New Year - 2014!

 Hi Everyone

Here we are in 2014....the energy feels exciting, and filled with promise.

The vibration for the year is #7...that is all about Trust and Faith in the Unknown. It is a year of spiritual focus, going Within and learning to listen to and follow our inner guidance. If you don't follow any type of meditative practice I would encourage you to find one that works for your lifestyle...walking, running, yoga, bike riding, sitting near water...anything that puts you in a more receptive space, is meditation.

 That is what this year is going to shift in us all....expect to be find yourself more open to each other. Learning to TRUST and not JUDGE....The energy on the planet is pushing us towards that.

FORGIVENESS of SELF and EACH OTHER, that is the TONE set for 2014.

Thank you again for all that you ARE....all that you SHARE, and most of all thank you for BEING YOU!

With Love, Oneness, Peace & Joy, iriana


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