Intuitive Channeled

I am delighted to share this gift with you.
Channeling was the first experience I had when I began to do readings. I was told by a Spiritual Channel that I could do the same thing, when I went to see her for a personal session. It was a total surprise and one I knew little about. I did some research on Channeling and was fascinated. It felt right to practice on friends to see how and if it would work on be of any help to them. The channeling came naturally and seemed to be mutually energizing and healing. I loved doing it and continued to practice for about 3 years.

About two years later I experienced a reading from a woman who was a practicing professional channel. The session was profound and I was truly impressed with her accuracy and talent. We had a connection and the same first names. I was guided to ask if I could do a reading for her. At the time I needed confirmation and affirmation that what I did had validity and was coming from God. She assured me that it was and that it was supportive and healing. Later on we worked together and shared client's. We found out that the same information came through both of us which motivated me to continue. This gave me the courage to begin my career as a Professional Intuitive Reader and a Psychic. It is now about 40 years later and I am still here and have added many other tools to my work.

Doing channeled and intuitive readings gives me the greatest joy. They are my innate gifts and come from the highest point of Love I am capable of sharing.
If you choose to contact me for this you we will both be blessed.
Thank you. iriana

Studies and Certifications Include Certification in Spiritual Counseling and Psychic Advice.

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