Services Offered

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Angel Card Readings
I have been using the Healing with the Angels deck by Doreen Virtue for about 15 years. It is uplifting and I now have a strong connection to the Angels and find their guidance to be accurate and helpful.

Dream Interpretation
The focus is on Jungian dream interpretation. Our dreams give us messages as symbolic images from our subconscious mind. They speak to us of what has been buried. They give us the opportunity to heal what arises and appears as a reflection of an aspect of self.

Intuitive Channeled Readings
These readings come from the highest vibration I am able to connect with. They create understanding and healing with love.

The key to finding that quiet place within where spiritual healing takes place. Our sessions will focus on finding the style of meditation that most suits your energy and lifestyle.

Numerology Blueprints

Numerology is the Science of Numbers. It is a very useful tool and can give us a clear picture of the vibration of our Soul's energy. When we use the numbers correctly we can see and understand the best direction and expression for
our Careers, Relationships and journey in this incarnation.

There is nothing to hold us together when we don't build a relationship from the inside out. We just float around like a boat that is lost in the ocean. Everything that is built on the physical plane has some kind of a base to build from. A car has to have an engine to run. The frame could be great to look at, but without the motor there is no way that the car is going to move. That works the same way on every aspect of the material plane.

Relationships Short & Sweet
Here we focus on the meaning of the different ways to perceive our relationships.

Soul Coaching Oracle Card Readings
These cards by Denise Linn are amazing. I have been using them for at least 5 years and find them to accurate and healing. They are definitely my favorite deck.

Spiritual Healing
We focus on the tools and teachings that assist us in "remembering who we are."

Spiritual Life Coaching
Spiritual Coaching is a unique approach to address your specific needs on all levels, body, mind and spirit. A coach can enter into your life and walk hand in hand with you while looking at the "bigger picture.

Spiritual Support for Parent's of Crystal & Rainbow Children

As an early Indigo, and a great-grandmother now,  i have felt a strong pull to support other Lightworkers, Indigos, Starseeds,  and presently the parents of the amazing Crystal and Rainbow children who are making their way onto the Planet since 1998.

Tarot Readings
Tarot card readings can assist in gaining clarity and focus with an expanded viewpoint. I use the cards to confirm my intuition and guidance on both spiritual and practical levels. The cards are an accurate and supportive tool that can assist you in every aspect of your life.

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